Prodsmart and statistics

Statistics is the science of learning from data, and of measuring, controlling, and communicating uncertainty; and it thereby provides the navigation essential for controlling the course of scientific and societal advances.

The industrial environment is becoming more and more quantitative and, of course, more competitive. More often than not, it’s by looking, understanding and managing the details hidden in data that businesses differentiate themselves from the competition and become successful.

With Prodsmart, for each specific setting, we analyze the data produced, sometimes in real time, and interpret it specifically in this setting, ensuring that all practical conclusions and suggestions are fully oriented to improve your production, be it qualitatively or quantitatively.

We can let you know if some part of your production line is behaving methodically differently from what is expected. Even if it’s a small deviation, that would in any other way passed unnoticed, because “is not far from the mean”, their abnormal frequency will allow us to alert you by any means you feel more convenient; email, SMS, etc.

For instance, you can define a threshold considered relevant enough to generate an alert as soon as is violated. Let us consider that you want to know as soon as the production time is above some percentile; 99%, since we monitor all the production in real time, if it happens that the component that you want to control experiments a time larger than you or your collaborators set, you would immediately be notified using the process chosen.

Of course the same can be defined for production times much faster than expected. For instance, if for some reason, you may want to be alerted as soon as the time is below a 5% threshold then, again, the real-time monitoring allows us to send you an alert if production time is below.

We can let you know which are the best teams to be considered for a particular job. Who make the faster teams? Who should you choose for a team that minimizes waste?

In the future, we will let you know how you compare in similar tasks across several industries. Does your production line is faster than the average? Do you use more raw materials for the same output? Do you produce more waste than expected?

With Prodsmart you monitor and control the productive process, ensuring that it operates at its full potential, making an as much conforming product as possible with a minimum (if not an elimination) of waste.

With Prodsmart you can experience the power of the statistical thinking and methods helping you to manage your organization. Try us now and experience a revolutionary tool in the management