3 Maintenance Horror Stories

Regular maintenance scheduling allows you to inspect, replace, and monitor the equipment and processes in your organization; without it, you could run into a whole host of problems. Here are three horror stories that could come true if you don’t have an adequate maintenance scheduling system in place…


#1. Electrical System Failure

Warehouse equipment can sometimes trigger an electrical system failure, which could result in hours of downtime in your organization. A ground fault in a high-voltage cable, for example, could knock out the electricity and cease operations in seconds. It could be days before your production equipment is back up and running again. 

The consequences of electrical system failure are numerous. If you are unable to manufacture goods because of a loss of power, you could lose clients and customers and even jeopardize the reputation of your business. 


#2. Flooding

Regular maintenance allows you to check all aspects of your warehouse, including the plumbing. But what would happen if you don’t carry out regular maintenance? Flooding, for example, could occur if you don’t check water systems and other equipment.

Flooding can have a detrimental impact on your business. In the most extreme cases, you will need to cease operations and send employees home. This will result in a loss of productivity. Even worse, data centers, servers, computers, and other equipment can get wet. These items could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace.


#3. Fire

Fires can occur due to equipment breakdowns and electrical faults. If you don’t maintain the systems in your warehouse, you could increase the chance of fire causing damage to your property. Like electrical failures and floods, you could lose customers and cause disruptions to your order fulfillment processes.

Fires can be extremely costly. Research shows that fires in structures caused more than $11 billion in property damage in 2018 — up 3.7 percent from the year before. 


Although the scenarios on the above list might sound scary, they could happen. Regular maintenance scheduling will reduce the chances of electrical system failure, fire, or flood from occurring in your organization. 


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