3 Maintenance Scheduling Hacks You Should Know

In order to optimize shop floor performance, you need to register, plan, and execute regular maintenance scheduling. It’s one of the most important tasks in your organization.

During scheduling, you assemble the different staff, materials, equipment, and information you need to maintain business operations. Here are three tips for streamlining this entire process.

#1 Carry Out Scheduling Regularly 

Regular maintenance scheduling will help you prioritize daily and weekly schedules that increase productivity, save money and streamline workflows.

Scheduling, at times, might seem unnecessary, especially if operations are running smoothly in your business. However, it is important you carry this out as often as you can.

Using the latest software can help. Manufacturing execution software (MES), in particular, provides you with the tools you need to expedite schedules in your organization. You can schedule machines, materials, and staff using one single system, which eliminates the need for multiple apps and software.

#2 Delegate Maintenance Scheduling Tasks 

You need to allocate maintenance scheduling tasks to the right people and pieces of equipment. MES tools will provide you with insights into high-value team members who possess the skills you need to get your jobs done.

Delegating maintenance scheduling jobs doesn’t have to be a chore. Once you have located someone in your organization with the skills to perform a task, make sure the work is executed properly. If nobody in your organization has the right skill set to carry out a task, you might want to bring in a third-party contractor to complete the job.

#3 Track Performance

Measuring schedule performance will improve compliance, productivity, and workplace efficiency. MES tools offer valuable insights into your machines, raw materials, and workers, so you can identify problems in your production funnels quickly.

With real-time data and historical information, you can schedule your operations more effectively. This will enable you to meet production targets and improve customer satisfaction. You can also balance your workload and concentrate on other job duties.

Maintenance scheduling is one of the most important parts of modern asset management because it lets you schedule important maintenance tasks in your organization. Without it, your production processes could suffer. Follow the three tips above for better maintenance scheduling. Sign up now to the Prodsmart MES solution and improve maintenance scheduling in your business.