3 Manufacturing New Year’s Resolutions For 2019

After a difficult few years, the manufacturing industry is about to make a full recovery. Experts predict that manufacturers will recover all lost output from the Great Recession by April 2019, making next year an important one.

As the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, you should start thinking about your New Year’s manufacturing resolutions — the commitments you plan to make for the next 12 months that will drive productivity and growth. Below I’ve compiled three resolutions that you might want to consider.

1. Reduce Production Bottlenecks

Production bottlenecks can seriously impact your supply chain. So why don’t you get rid of these problems in the new year?
“If you can identify the bottlenecks that are slowing down your production line, you can speed up manufacturing and increase productivity,” says the Houston Chronicle.
One of the best ways to reduce bottlenecks in 2019 is by investing in good manufacturing management software. These programs make it easy for you to spot problems in your production processes and analyze every aspect of your supply chain, from sourcing materials to delivering products.
Production tracking software like Prodsmart optimizes supply chain management so you can identify problems quickly and find solutions. The real-time dashboard lets you see what’s really going on in your organization, even when you are in another location.


2. Optimize Your Inventory

Face it, inventory management can be a chore. Manual stock checking and chasing suppliers, is a long and laborious process and will distract you from other areas of your business. There is a solution to this problem, however. Investing in manufacturing software for production management in 2019 will optimize inventory management. You will be able to track products and commnicate with your partners more effectively.
“Computerized inventory informs employees and customers within seconds whether an item is in stock,” says the Houston Chronicle. “Because the inventory is synced with sales, there is a running tally of what is in stock and what isn’t. This helps flag reordering needs and provides better service to customers.”
Prodsmart lets users manage product levels and raw materials and make accurate inventory predictions that could save them money and improve the customer experience. Users can also manage warehouse space and incorporate a bill of materials into their workflows. Proper inventory management will also improve compliance.


3. Manage Staff More Effectively

Your staff is the lifeblood of your organization, but it can be difficult to know which employees provide you with the most value. This is where good manufacturing management software comes in. These tools allow you to monitor all of your employees in one place and make smarter decisions about your workforce.
Digital tools like Prodsmart simplify worker schedules, so you can manage staff more effectively during the busiest times of the year. The result? Less downtime and happier employees. Managing your staff in this way could be one of the best things you do for your business in 2019. It’s really simple, too. You can log into your real-time dashboard on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device and streamline staff management.

The new year is just around the corner, so what better time than to create some resolutions for 2019? Reducing bottlenecks, optimizing your inventory, and managing staff more effectively will increase productivity in your workplace and generate more revenue next year.

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