3 Ways to Prepare for an FDA Inspection
You’ve received a letter in the mail, and it looks important. It’s from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and they want to do an inspection of your warehouse. Take a deep breath, and don’t panic. The FDA does random inspections all the time, and they just want to check your production and quality control processes [1]. No biggie.
The problem is, FDA inspections can last days — months, sometimes —and this can distract your employees and reduce productivity. Preparing for an FDA check with the latest software, however, can speed up inspections considerably.

1. Carry Out Regular Internal Inspections Yourself

The best way to ensure you comply with FDA quality control standards is to perform regular inspections yourself. This way, you know everything is in order in your business.
The latest smart manufacturing software can streamline your inspection process, and make it easy for you to meet FDA quality control standards. With Prodsmart, you can analyze every aspect of your business, from maintenance to machines to materials.

2. Keep All Your Documents and Certifications in One Place

After touring your warehouse, an FDA inspector will want to examine your documents to ensure you are fully certified. If you don’t know where these documents are, the inspector might have to visit you again at a later date.
Manufacturing software lets you keep important documentation in one place. You can go “paperless” and not have to store documents in folders or file cabinets. Sign up if you want to know how we can help you.

3. Manage Staff More Effectively

You might want to give your staff the day off when your FDA inspector arrives. This will allow the inspector to carry out his or her duties with little interference. Alternatively, you might want to move your staff to a different department while the inspection takes place.
Production tracking software like Prodsmart streamlines worker scheduling and simplifies shift management. This makes it easier for you to track the whereabouts of staff during an FDA inspection.
Expecting an FDA inspection? Follow the three tips on this list for a more seamless experience. Carrying out inspections yourself, keeping your documents in one place, and managing staff will take the stress out of your inspection.
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