Alerts and notifications

It is now possible to create Alerts on your Prodsmart and receive e-mail notifications about High Productivity Values, the End of a Production Order or Raw Materials Staged, among others?

By creating an Alert and defining specific events and conditions that you want to be notified about, you will receive real-time information from your shop floor in your inbox, creating an opportunity to take preventive measures and solve problems at an early stage.

Currently there are 15 different types of alarms, such as when:

  • An operation in a Production Order is finished
  • The scrap or waste percentage is above a specific threshold
  • A Production Order is late
  • A Parameter value is out of the defined range
  • The minimum stock is reached
  • A Machine Downtime starts
  • The Idle time is above a threshold
  • The Production productivity gets above a threshold

Try it now and see how easy it is to receive the most relevant information in your inbox!