AR and Manufacturing: A Match Made in Heaven
Experts predict that the global augmented reality (AR) market will be worth $209.2 billion in the year 2020 — up from $27 billion in 2017. AR is shaping the future of manufacturing, too. When done right, this technology can improve productivity, automate tasks and streamline workflows in your organization. Here are just of the ways AR is transforming the manufacturing sector.

1. Data Gathering

AR facilitates data gathering for manufacturers in various verticals and produces valuable metrics that provide you with intelligence about your production processes. This technology collects data from a wide range of sources so you can track orders, raw materials, machines and employees in real time. The result? Less waste and fewer production costs. You can use AR applications to predict future manufacturing trends and solve problems in your supply chain.
Want to streamline data gathering even further? Real-time management software like Prodsmart lets you locate products on the shop floor, optimize inventories, and track all aspects of your manufacturing processes.

2. Identify Problems in Your Supply Chain

AR supports predictive maintenance in your supply chain so you can identify future problems without any of the guesswork. This technology can prevent bottlenecks in your production processes, such as machine failures and production stalls.
Manual monitoring of your production line is a long and laborious process. Using AR applications and production management software like Prodsmart, however, will automate many of the tasks associated with supply chain management, so you can focus on other areas of your business. You can collect data and analyze it in real time, which saves you money and resources.

3. Machine Maintenance

Your machines are one of the most important elements of your manufacturing business. Without the latest equipment, you can’t make products and get them to market. This is why it’s important to maintain your machines on a regular basis. AR can help you do exactly that.
“In addition to helping with the assembly of manufactured products, augmented reality can be used to assist in the maintenance of manufacturing equipment,” says
With AR, you can automate many of the processes you rely on to maintain your production facilities, such as installation and safety checks.
When it comes to manufacturing, AR is changing the game. This technology expediates data gathering, monitors production bottlenecks, and maintains your machinery.
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