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For Automotive Manufacturers

Suppliers for all major automotive manufacturers rely on Prodsmart
to achieve Tier 1 authorization and meet the most demanding standard of the industry


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Compliance and Quality control

Digitization and data-driven intelligence are helping the automotive industry to improve quality and support lean manufacturing and product innovation.
Production and Quality data accessible on mobile, provide real-time end-to-end insights for increased agility and production control, planning and scheduling.
Prodsmart helps you to improve responsiveness, drive shorter cycle times and improve accuracy to reduce the risk of recalls.

Data Collection the Way You Need it






  • Automate Bill of Materials and Engineering Change Control processes
  • Reduce lead times for faster delivery and optimize Supply Chain
  • Simplify quoting, estimating and scheduling to maximize capacity
  • Gain control over scrap, yield and rework metrics
  • Multiple currencies, languages and sites supported
  • Built-in analytics and reporting to facilitate value-stream analysis and improve visibility into trends and forecast accuracy
  • Integrate with CAD systems to minimize rework
  • Quality tools supporting ISO 9001, TS16949 and APQP (Avanced Product Quality Planning) standards
  • Materials Management Operations Guideline/Logistics (MMOG/LE) support
  • Fully automated EDI processing
  • Detailed labeling capabilities
  • Sequencial managament and complete audit trails
  • Preventative/predictive maintenance tracking


Increase Efficiencies & Cost Savings

Real-time tracking, global OEE and traceability gives you the visibility you require to optimize your processes, increase your uptime and analyze & plan for future orders.

Improve Quality With Ease

All tracking and traceability information is collected in one place in real time.
The built-in Quality Module helps you prepare for ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 audits - simply generate the report.

Reduce Waste & Scrap

Continuous improvement has never been easier - locate bottlenecks, uncover where raw materials are being wasted, predict and prevent days, and ensure quality requirements are met.

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Prodsmart is the simplest solution for production management and insight.

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