Benefits of Tracking Worker’s Performance

Procrastination, employees who are slow or late, or, just plain not productive can cost businesses up to 36 working days a year. Now, employers are fighting back and keeping a closer eye on their workers. 

The latest software lets you track an employee’s performance throughout the working day. These programs are not intrusive, but they do provide you with valuable insights into your workforce. You can then use this information to help workers stay on track. 

Here are some of the benefits of using software to track worker’s performance.


#1. Save Money

A loss in productivity could cost your manufacturing organization thousands of dollars every year. Tracking worker’s performance, however, can help you in making cost savings. 

The latest software like Prodsmart will provide you with insights into individual worker performance, so you can make smarter decisions and evaluate which employees bring you the most value. This will improve productivity and generate more revenue for your organization.

With Prodsmart, you can find out how much time employees spend at work and breaks (with integrated punch clock tracks) and make smarter hiring decisions in the future.


#2. Manage Supply and Demand

Supply and demand from customers and clients will influence most aspects of your manufacturing business. When you track worker’s performance, you can decide whether you need to hire more staff or reduce labor at certain times of the year.

With software like Prodsmart, you can improve worker schedules and gauge the amount of staff you need for shop floor activity. You can also discover how worker productivity influences product cost in dollars and cents. 


#3. Improve Maintenance Schedules

By keeping a closer eye on worker’s performance, you can improve your maintenance schedules and delegate tasks to the right team members. Consequently, this can improve compliance and safety in your organization.

The best software provides you with visual workflows so you can track maintenance workers in your business. As a result, you can complete maintenance tasks and optimize scheduling without the need for multiple pieces of software. 

These are just three benefits of tracking worker’s performance. Using software like Prodsmart will provide you with intelligence into your workforce so you can make cost savings, generate revenue, and improve compliance and safety.