New Features! Parameters, Real Consumptions and Lot Traceability

Was it you eagerly waiting to use products with parameters, to introduce real consumptions and to have lot traceability? Wait no more, from now on you have it all at Prodsmart!

Starting with the parameters, this feature allows you to produce different variations of the same product, using the exact same operations. Creating parameters for products will be vey useful, namely for textile companies as you can read in the article in our Help Desk: https://help.prodsmart.com/english/what-s-new/products-with-parameters


The real consumptions will be useful for your workers to introduce real consumption quantities for each production and the lot traceability will allow you to know from what lots were the materials consumed. This will help a lot any factory in audits or certifications (like HACCP certification) or any other legal requirement, being Food & Beverages companies the most interested on this. To know more about this feature and how to use it right away, please read the article in our Help Desk: https://help.prodsmart.com/english/what-s-new/real-consumptions-and-lot-traceability

Lot Traceability

To follow the launch of new features, just go to the Changelog in our Help Desk or even at Prodsmart software in the top bar menu, in Help/New Features.



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