Feature of the month – Production Order Progress

It’s now possible to visualize the progress of your production orders, with two simple and easy to understand bars.

We have developed this feature to help you envision how your orders are going, in real-time, without much effort. In a matter of minutes, you can now check how well are your operations progressing or how many units have your team already produced. This real-time information will also be a useful tool to your production planning.

When you see the Production Orders list, two progress bars will show in each Production Order:
– The performed operations progress bar
– The finished units progress bar

By default, it’s shown with bigger highlight the performed operations progress bar. Alternatively, you can also see the finished units progress bar.

To know more about this feature and how to use it right away, please read the article in our Help Desk: http://help.prodsmart.com/english/what-s-new/production-order-progress

If you want to see how can this bars help you to quickly understand how are your orders going, sign up now.


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