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The future looks amazing for Sonafi

Our partner Vodafone suggested Prodsmart as the right solution for Sonafi to increase their competitiveness in the automotive industry.

“We need to have access to information in real time, to make decisions in real time. Vodafone suggested Prodsmart to manage our production and we decided to challenge them for something way bigger than just that. The moment we have a solution to extract all kinds of information from all our equipments, the sky is the limit”, says Pedro Cardoso, CEO of Sonafi.

According to Mafalda Alves Dias, Head of Large Business and Public Sector of Vodafone Portugal, “In order to respond to Sonafi’s challenge, a customized IoT solution was co-created with the customer. The solution enabled by Vodafone allows a quick and immediate access to production data and factory indicators, enhancing the on-site and on-line management decisions, supporting the business growth and, consequently, the Portuguese economy”.

The future really looks amazing for our clients.

Watch the video and read the case study (portuguese version)


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