Three reasons why your employees will love our Digital Work Instructions feature

If you are looking for a smart way to improve your work instructions, you are looking in the right place.

Our digital and smart Work Instructions Feature will be right on your shop floor, connected with your machines, products, and operations, will load your workers with much-needed logic and visual information. It will help them perform their jobs better, and these are the four reasons why they will love it:


Your digital work instructions will give you workers timely information about every little step they need to accomplish their tasks. It will prevent and reduce errors, connecting to their tools and tasks in real-time. Your workers will be able to do good at their first attempt, and that will empower them.


By guiding your workers through every step of the processes, smart work instructions will help them increase their throughput and their productivity. They will flow as the operation goes on, not slowing the process down.
Additionally, smart work instructions allow managers to identify outperformers and propagate their tribal knowledge to the rest of the team, turning every operator into the best operator.


Our digital work instructions will engage and motivate your workers. They are visual and simple to understand, a world of possibilities for the managers and also for workers: They know what they are asked for, the standards they should work to achieve, and they can focus on improving their performance. Continuous improvement is the idea behind Kaizen, a key element to successful manufacturing businesses where all the employees are actively part of every accomplishment.
That surely is motivating!

Take a look at some tips we collected about how to write great and smart work instructions to leverage all these benefits.

And now, if you’ve just realized that digital work instructions are precisely what’s missing on your shop floor, sign up now and start our free trial or send us a message.



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