Traceability report – Why and How to use it!

For anyone managing a QMS (Quality Management System), Manufacturing Traceability is a growing concern.
Our Traceability Reports will enable you to trace relationships among raw materials, sub-products, products, Runs and Defects. You have access to your product genealogy and you can search for one and discover its relations with the others, or you can drill up or down from any part of the process by clicking on hyperlinks and buttons.

The report shows the hierarchy of issues (i.e. Cocoa butter – Chocolate bar – Chocolate Cake) within a single or multiple Production Orders.  

The report can be from two different perspectives:

You can Drill Up, following a specific raw material all the way until each final product and after leaving your warehouse, throughout the internal supply chain
Raw material: Cocoa butter
Sub-Product: Chocolate bar
Product: Chocolate Cake

Your cocoa butter supplier reports quality problems with a specific lot of cocoa butter that you bought. For safety reasons you decide to recall all the products where this lot of cocoa butter was used, so you need to drill up from the problematic cocoa butter to every sub-product and final product, to identify if all the chocolate bars which used the cocoa butter have already been used to bake chocolate cake or if you have any left in your warehouse; and which chocolate cakes were baked with the chocolate bars made from that specific lot of cocoa butter that you need to trace.

You can also Drill Down the process tracing every raw material and sub-products used in a specific Chocolate Cake.
Raw material: Cocoa butter
Sub-Product: Chocolate bar
Product: Chocolate Cake

A bakery that sells your amazing chocolate cake reports that someone allergic to peanuts had a reaction to your cake, which was not supposed to contain peanuts. You need to drill down your production process to identify when was the contamination with the allergenic and which raw materials were used, so you can trace the origin of the problem.


Our traceability reports feature aims to track and trace raw materials and products throughout the production process and supply chain. It supports quality requirements in manufacturing, where a traceability framework is a vital tool.

A Manufacturing Traceability Report means that you can have clear and accurate visibility over which lots were used in which sub-products or finished products, as well as who received those finished products. It’s a powerful tool to:

  • Timely provide the necessary documentation to meet Industry Regulations and Quality Audits;
  • Be able to recall a specific product due to eventual problems;
  • Gain complete insights into the product lifecycle
  • Track and troubleshooting quality problems
  • Improve customer service levels, with fast and accurate order status information and product recall when needed
  • Have a historic record of the production, as detailed as you need it to be
  • Search and filter information according to any relevant product data, such as number of Production Order, Lot number, Work Order…
  • Access production and quality data from the shop floor in real time, enabling fast sharing of key information and reports.

You can check on our help center a step-by-step guide on How to use our Traceability reports.
If you want to try our Traceability Reports and find out how this feature can give you clear insights on your production process, sign up now and start our free trial.


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