Manage your Multiple Warehouse Inventory!
Manage your Multiple Warehouse Inventory!

Have you ever felt the need to manage raw materials or finished products across multiple warehouses?

This process gets even more complicated as your business scales and grows. The warehouse is a very important part of your manufacturing business, demanding careful management to help you prevent delays and inefficiencies.

To successfully manage your inventory, it is important to understand the challenges you face and how to overcome them. Read the best tips on our blog posts “Multiple Warehouse Inventory Management: Challenge and Tips”.

Our Inventory feature is now the easiest way to gain control over your inventory across multiple warehouse locations.


It allows you to:
👉 Have full visibility into each shelf of each of your warehouses;
👉 Monitor stock levels across all locations;
👉 Track every in and out movements from the production site to warehouses and between warehouses;
👉 Filter your full inventory by product, product family, lot or warehouse, and get specific locations with quantities;
👉 Sync with other crucial components of your business;
👉 Run reports that offer you full visibility and transparency into your inventory and operations.

If you want to learn how you can use this new Inventory Management feature, read the article on our help center or contact us.


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