Use our internal chat to improve your efficiency

Instant messaging applications are a great example of how technology can help your team to effectively communicate and collaborate in the workspace.

This is a stepping stone to every company’s productivity, and that is why we have developed an internal chat within your Prodsmart manufacturing software.

It is now possible to open a general or a private chat with one or several of your users, in any menu of your manufacturing software. Without leaving the menus, it allows you to chat while going through your data.

This is a very helpful tool to:
👉 Update your peers or ask them for an update on a specific product;
👉 Give your users feedback on their performance;
👉 Share the status of a specific order;
👉 Confirm a meeting or discuss an alternative schedule for a postponed meeting;
👉 Inform your users of relevant information;
👉 Share a specific file or content;
👉 Keep your employees engaged and connected, even if working on different sites of your company.

Intuitive and easy to use, we are sure this will be a helpful solution to your internal communication management.

If you want to give it a try, sign up now and start your free 14 days trial.


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