Tools to Keep in Touch With Your Team, Vendors, and Customers

The world has gone into lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped the wheels of business from turning. It’s ‘do or die,’ ‘sink or swim,’ for small, medium, and large businesses across the globe. The most crucial factor has been to keep in close communication with now, remote-only teams. We’re not allowed to meet in groups of more than 5 or 10, which means there can be no in-person meetings. So how do you set tasks? How do you manage projects? This has been an enormous challenge for some, but business as usual for many. Micro businesses and entrepreneurs have been working remotely for quite some time. They know, better than anyone, the benefits of using software that keeps teams in contact at all stages of the project.

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Keep in Touch with Your Team

Perhaps one software, proving better than the rest, Zoom allows you to share documents, photographs, videos, and receive messages, alerts, and notifications. It’s become the shining star of video communications throughout the pandemic. This is because many people want to use software for conference calling that has these dedicated features. Google Hangouts, although free, has a limit to the number of people who can join.


 Another option is Prodsmart, which can track individual tasks and employees. Employers can see how employees are doing in terms of progress and schedule new tasks to keep projects moving.


It also allows you to check productivity, keep track of employee availability (who’s not busy), and measure the quality of completed work. Prodsmart is essential to keeping projects and tasks up to the highest standards without disrupting daily work routined. Employers may award ratings for completed work and send feedback so that improvements may be implemented immediately.

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Offer Any Support Needed

But it’s not always about work. Conference call software and task management software also have communication options. You can use video and mic chat, as well as messages to check on how the staff is doing. That is critical for company morale, as this is a terrifying time for people, healthwise. It’s also an excellent way to bolster mental support, as you can no longer walk to an employee’s desk and pat them on the back or shoulder to communicate to them that they’re doing a good job.

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Keep in Touch with Your Vendors

Besides employees, you can also keep in touch with your suppliers. You can speak with all your essential clients via conference call software, whether it concerns raw materials, products, services, B2B partnerships, or sales contracts.

Make sure that you are CC-ing clients into emails if you need to contact more than one and speak about a relevant subject. It is crucial to remain in constant contact with your vendors throughout this lockdown. When it finally ends, your vendors won’t be surprised at the sudden demand coming from your end, as they would have known your concerns and needs for many weeks.

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Reach Out with Update on Their Product

Using an industry-specific tool such as Ion, you can set particular product tasks. Although this is highly popular among manufacturing companies, any business type can utilize it. You can create step by step tasks and projects, which essentially act as a guide to your employees. They can create each part separately and through the setting of certain checkpoints, fit and finish off the products, stage by stage.

If you need an update on what is going on, they can show you how far they have gotten on the set tasks and visually share them with you. This means you can compare the real thing to the model in the software. Never losing track of procedures, you have a higher chance of creating products that closely resemble the original task and drawings.



Keep in Touch with Your Customers

 Now is the time to bolster your email marketing resolve. Tell your customers you understand their fear and the stress they may be experiencing. They need to know that you’re open for business. This can be done simply by keeping calm and carrying on. Consumers are continuing to purchase online. Take advantage of more online orders by offering discounts and sales for all your products. Now is not the time to be picky about when you will have strategic sales to get rid of stock and or make seasonal profit margins meet.



Treat Them as Individuals

 Now that your team is at home and you can’t see them for large parts of the day, you should remember to treat them as individuals. It’s very easy to get used to expedient ways of communicating, which usually involves sending emails and messages to the group. But remember that each of your employees is a unique person who is doing their best to maintain a high level of work.  It’s a good idea to have individual conference calls. Speak to each of your employees in a tone that is understanding. Remember that just as easy as it is to lose customers in the current situation; disloyalty can also make you lose employees. Making time for your team is critical now. 

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Utilize Social Media

Write comments to users on your social media. Don’t be afraid to answer questions put to you online. This is so vital to your public image during this lockdown. You want to be seen as reassuring your customers that you are listening to their desires, complaints, and interests. Give customers information about their orders, i.e., whether they will be delayed, delivered later than usual, or are being processed and delivered as normal.

Using conference call software is the big step forward your business needs to take right now. Using a task scheduling software like Prodsmart will allow you to set projects in motion, keep tabs on your employees and study their progress and productivity as the days and weeks continue. Please take the time to bolster the morale of individual workers and do the same for customers on social media. 

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