Total Quality Management
Prodsmart Academy
The concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) is one that has aged very well indeed. Even though it can be traced back to the early 1920s when the statistical theory was initially applied to the process of quality control for manufactured products. The 40s was another period that saw TQM spread to Japan, with professionals like Deming, Juran, and Feigenbaum spearheading the development shortly after world war 2. It was during this period that the [...]
Mastering the Production Schedule
Amazing Manufacturing
When starting or scaling up your operations, it’s essential to have a plan in mind; like all ambitious endeavors in life, planning is the foundation upon which your successes will be built. A production schedule is your best bet for ensuring your manufacturing business meets all of its goals promptly. Prodsmart understands how easy it is to get swept up in the excitement of innovation, but you must have a game plan. Without a concrete [...]
Capacity Planning Comprehensive Guide
When you’re running a production pipeline, you need to make sure that you’re operating at your maximum capacity. Every employee assignment and task is delegated appropriately, and the time spent on each part of the production process is optimized. Capacity planning is the backbone of getting these tasks done.  When you’re operating at maximum capacity, your clients will receive products as quickly as possible, and your profits will remain steady. Similar to production scheduling, planning [...]
Empower your team with our new Shop Floor Operator’s Console
An informed employee is an empowered worker and that makes your whole team more efficient and productive! We have developed a very complete and functional console containing all of your operations so the information that your shop floor operators need during their working hours is easily accessible.   The benefits of the new Shop Floor Operator’s Console: Share more information with your Operator: From work instructions or other files to the bill of materials assigned [...]
New feature: The Automated Scheduler
We are very proud to announce a major breakthrough for Prodsmart: The Automated Scheduler. This powerful tool will simplify your life tremendously and save you time and money by scheduling your entire production with just one click. By automating your scheduling tasks, the Automated Scheduler will boost the efficiency of your Production Management and Planning. The Automated Scheduler uses finite capacity algorithms to quickly find the optimal schedule for you, taking into consideration your demand, [...]
The Simplest Way to Plan and Schedule your Production
An easy-to-use and flexible production scheduling tool is one of the components of Manufacturing software where integration is the key to improvement: The more information you can include in your scheduling tool, the better. The tool will help you adapt to rapidly changing situations and identify high-quality production schedules, both manually and automatically. Our new Visual Planner is the tool that you need to make your Production Scheduling easier. Prodsmart's visual drag-and-drop scheduler allows you [...]
Identify your products by colors and keep your production organized
While configuring a Product in your Prodsmart, besides attributing it a name, code, and other characteristics, you can now also associate it with colors for an easy visual identification from your team! This color will be shown in the headersheet of every Production Order that includes that Product and also in the Production Orders buttons that your team will be able to select on their tablets or smartphones. Why should you add colors to your [...]
Good Manufacturing Practices for the Medical Devices Industry
What is the Medical Devices Industry? The medical devices industry is a key component of our healthcare system, contributing not only to medical devices manufacturing but also to the development of medical technology that can help diagnose and treat various illnesses. The medical devices industry covers a wide array of items, from common supplies such as surgical masks to high tech imaging equipment. Section 201 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act defines this [...]
Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control: Distinctions and Similarities
What makes it okay for 75% of Americans to spend $5 on a coffee when they can get a coffee elsewhere for $2? There's something about customers' perception of the quality of a coffee at Starbucks that makes this a premium product they are prepared to pay for. Quality is a source of competitive advantage. Before implementing quality assurance and quality control, it's important to understand the differences and similarities between the two. Read on [...]
How to Streamline Manufacturing Operations Management
Thanks to technological advancement in the past century, today’s consumers have greater demands compared to a few decades ago. They want to purchase the best product at competitive prices — and they want it now. In production, It’s the operations manager’s job to streamline manufacturing operation management to meet these increasingly demanding customer expectations.  Contrary to what most people believe, a streamlined manufacturing production line doesn’t necessarily mean using next-level automation and high-performance equipment. It [...]

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