Strategies for Effective Manufacturing Labeling
Amazing Manufacturing
As supply chains grow ever bigger and more complex, worldwide manufacturers are dealing with challenges at a scale unheard of in the past. Competitive pressures, new stipulations from governments and regulators, merchandise coming back and market evaluation pressures have combined to make a perfect storm. Manufacturers are more and more duty-bound to hunt competitive advantage through potency and value reduction measures. Among obtainable choices, labeling technology offers several opportunities for manufacturing firms to tackle rising [...]
Has your factory gone remote? Our tips on remote work
By now, we all know by heart what specialists recommend and the world needs us to do regarding the new Coronavirus, Covid-19: To flatten the curve! This expression, unknown to most of us just two weeks ago, is now the main driver of our lives and behaviors. And how can we achieve it? By practicing social distancing to reduce contamination. Stopping going out with friends or having a Sunday lunch with family are some of [...]

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