Product Genealogy: Visualize every information about your products
Every company sometimes experience a situation where a raw material have a defect. It is a situation when it is very important to quickly detect in which products it was used. That's why the Product Genealogy is important: It allows you to track the mixture of raw materials each product is made of, including raw materials, sub-products or finished products. Basically, Product Genealogy is the recording of information related to what goes into your products, [...]
December 4, 2018
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For anyone managing a QMS (Quality Management System), Manufacturing Traceability is a growing concern. Our Traceability Reports will enable you to trace relationships among raw materials, sub-products, products, Runs and Defects. You have access to your product genealogy and you can search for one and discover its relations with the others, or you can drill up or down from any part of the process by clicking on hyperlinks and buttons. The report shows the hierarchy [...]
December 3, 2018
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