Case Study | Fonte e Faria – Motivation and productivity

With more than 50 employees and in order to fulfill its growth objectives, Fonte e Faria felt the need to know precisely what was happening in their factory. Until the implementation of Prodsmart, the records were made in paper and later typed into Excel, for the accomplishment of estimates and planning.

The main drivers for the investment in Prodsmart were the increased productivity, optimized processes and the ability to have a global business view that allows analysis and scheduling of future orders.

After the demonstration and validation of the customer, a work session was held in which some production and work orders were defined, after which Fonte e Faria immediately began collecting information from its production line through the mobile devices already installed. The joint work was also aimed at adapting the previously used tools (Excel and paper) to import the existing information to Prodsmart.

Drastic reduction of the time spent collecting and analyzing data on paper (4h/day); – Ability to measure general and individual productivity and to create a prize based on these values; – Possibility of scheduling future orders; – Improvement on the quality of the collected information due to the reduction of errors introduced by the data on paper

“Being able to measure the overall productivity and also that of each employee, in a very precise way, is also an excellent motivation tool, allowing the creation of a productivity bonus.” “We want to implement automatic bar code scanning to allow us to be even faster and more competitive.” José Faria, CEO Fonte e Faria

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