Case Study | J3LP – Just-in-time Production

Before the adoption of Prodsmart all production management was done using paper forms and Excel spreadsheets. In production each operator had a paper form to record how long it took them to make something, what products they made and what quantity.
At the end of each week it was necessary to process all this information manually, transferring the information from paper into Excel spreadsheets that were then kept on the Company’s internal network.
This situation caused several management headaches and efficiency problems, such as lot of information incorrectly inputted or delays in digitizing production records.

The solution for J3LP was to install the Prodsmart platform that included additional features that were developed specifically to handle their needs.
One of the main challenges for Prodsmart was the dimension and complexity of their operations. They had more than 8,500 different product references, more than 20 different manufacturing operations for various products and produced several thousand units every day.
Today, after surpassing the initial implementation challenges the Prodsmart platform is part of everyday life at J3LP and some very encouraging results were immediately obtained.

– View a dashboard with the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) metric in real-time, implemented to give a quick overview status of the entire operation;
– Eliminate tasks previously related to data collection from paper allowing a productivity increase of over 200 hours;
– React instantly to evidence of significant delays with production orders, reduce waste by 65% and bring down average shipping times by 3 days;
– Keep a trusted and consistent historical record of all production information. It will allow for continuous improvements in efficiency using the same production capacity.

“” Before Prodsmart it was complicated, information wasn’t reliable. Today I know what every single worker is doing!”
Regina Gonçalves, Production Manager at J3LP

Download the full case study here