Case Study | PMH – Traceability and Production optimization


PMH was looking for a very easy-to-use production tracking software to prevent the expected resistance to the
change of existing production processes. On the other hand, PMH also needed a solution which would quickly
allow them to collect indicators in due time and be able to act on them.
For presenting a great specificity in products manufacturing and a high volume of product references, PMH
needed a solution whose implementation process, namely loading and product creation was easy and intuitive.
The possibility of real-time communication with the ERP used by PMH and the support of the Prodsmart
development team in customizing the software to the reality of the company were also two huge plus considered
in the decision process.

Only one week after the kick off, PMH was already autonomous in using the solution in real products and after a
month all the extrusion processes were digitally controlled and all employees were using Prodsmart. In the future,
one of the main goals is to extend the implementation of Prodsmart to all production sectors and to their second
factory. By the end of this year PMH also aims to be able to analyze the profitability of each product family, either
by product or by order of Production.

– Easy to manage the change due to being a easy-to-use solution and the ability to quickly notice its benefits ;
– Ability to get KPIs in real time in order to act on potential production variances;
– Analysis of machines down-time allows the implementation of solutions and improvements;
-It is now possible to trace by production, batch, MP or operator.

“Machines down-time is one of the most important indicators and quickly studying the information (already handled) that Prodsmart presents helps us to develop solutions and improvements.”
“We want to implement Prodsmart in all our sectors in order to have information and be able to quickly research, from an order’s
entry to its dispatch. We want to be able to analyze the profitability by product families, by products and by order of production. “
Miguel Cordeiro, Continuous improvement Manager at PMH


About PMH:
Founded in 1990, PMH produces and commercializes high quality medical devices.
Currently has 500 employees in two factories and exports most of its production.