How and Why you should use the Prodsmart Chrome Extension!

You are working on your computer and your Chrome browser is open. Maybe you are googling some important subjects or checking the latest manufacturing news.

You suddenly think about how is everything going on your shop floor and want to check your Prodsmart dashboard to analyze your performance indicators.

You need to open the software in a new tab or window? No. You can stay right where you are, keep doing what you were doing and still check your Prodsmart dashboard.

Are you a little confused?

Check your analytics on your Chrome Extension

Check your analytics on your Chrome Extension

You just need to click on the Prodsmart logo on your Chrome bar!

We have created a Dashboard Check tool, a Chrome Extension that plugs into your browser and shows you in real-time your manufacturing performance indicators. It uses the digital data collected in real-time, by your workers, on the shop floor! Prodsmart.

We’ve been helping hundreds of manufacturers to improve performance, reduce waste and save time and money simply by tracking, tracing and managing their production in real-time. Having this information on your Chrome browser just one-click away enables you to respond even quicker to any abnormality you identify on your production.

If you’re looking to increase your chances of improving your manufacturing competitiveness, it’s time you use this tool!

Check on our Help Center how you can install Prodsmart Google Chrome Extension.

If you want to take your production management to the next level, try Prodsmart mobile app to ensure a mobile, easy-to-use solution for collecting, analyzing and reporting information.