Covid-19 | Continuity of our services

Times are uncertain and definitely hard on every company.

e won’t have any kind of disruption of activity due to Covid-19 and we will be providing our service as usual.

Our team is entirely working from home, where they can simultaneously protect themselves and assure that all our services, from customer support to product development, will be running smoothly and with no interruptions.

Contingency plan announcement and health and safety checklists.

To help our customers, we will be making our Announcements Feature temporarily available for everyone!
You may use it to clearly communicate your contingency plan and make sure that everyone understands it. Please find it here! You just need to click in +Covid-19 Best Practices, and the announcement will be shown to every worker in the tablet, once they authenticate with their Worker’s number.

Help us helping you

We are trying to identify the best ways to adjust to the current situation and to be as helpful as we can to our customers. We would like to ask you to fill a short form that you can find here. Feel free to talk about the challenges you are facing now, the needs you are having regarding remote work and management, new scheduling needs or new shifts that you may be creating. Whatever you feel that we may help you with.

And remember: Prodsmart is more than a software! We are an expert partner, with a knowledgeable team of Lean Manufacturing Specialists available to help you to keep up and improve your production!

Together, we will get through this!


Gonçalo Fortes (CEO)

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