Do you want to Reduce Waste in Your Daily Operations?

One of the main goals for every manufacturing company is to reduce waste on the daily operations, whether it comes from overproduction, defects or other causes.

For continuous improvement managers, eliminating waste is a constant effort and priority and that is commonly one of the main reasons why they look for a production management solution like Prodsmart.

How can we help you to reduce waste in your manufacturing company?


Work Instructions and shared knowledge

Between shifts and plants, or even between workers performing the same operation for the same product, is possible to register variability in production performance. One of the main causes is the difference of knowledge and expertise between peers in the shop floor.

Our Work Instructions and Documentation Center Features can ensure that you share the most important knowledge and best practices with your employees, right on your shop floor – When and Where they need it.

Regarding waste, it’s important to know what is causing waste, so you learn how to stop it. Having all the information centralized in a digital platform, it becomes easier and faster to detect patterns and to share corrective measures and the best manufacturing practices.

Our dashboards are a great way to show  your employees all the information you are collecting from the shop floor, in real time. Who is working in which production order, how is your company’s performance and who is falling outside of the target range.

Worker visibility is key for engaging your workforce. Informed employees are also empowered employees who can take ownership of their actions and try to improve their KPIs, such as waste percentage, which sometimes can be reduced.

If reducing waste in your operations is a priority for your company, our Manufacturing Software can be a great help. Sign up and try it right now.