Empower your team with our new Shop Floor Operator’s Console

An informed employee is an empowered worker and that makes your whole team more efficient and productive!

We have developed a very complete and functional console containing all of your operations so the information that your shop floor operators need during their working hours is easily accessible.


The benefits of the new Shop Floor Operator’s Console:

Share more information with your Operator: From work instructions or other files to the bill of materials assigned to the operations that they will be working on, your workers are able to consult all the information relevant to their daily tasks.

Empower and promote the autonomy of your Shop Floor Operator: They have access to consult and edit their own historical record of productions, helping prevent mistakes and saving you time from double-checking their records.


Real-time KPIs: They can check in real-time how long they have been working as well as how many items they have produced and what their individual productivity is. This constant feedback of their performance is a motivation booster and also an early indicator if a change is needed.


Understand “Why Prodsmart”: By looking at their own Console, any operator will be able to see the relevance of sharing information and data throughout the shop floor. This will ease the process of change management while implementing the solution and also make your team more aware of the importance of registering information correctly.


If you want your shop floor team to try this useful new feature, sign up now and start your free trial.