Track your shop floor activity

achieve paperless production through mobile devices


Prodsmart helps manufacturers and fabricators to track and trace their production lines

Understand your production line

Go paperless

Collect data through mobile devices
Eliminate the paperwork load
Get real-time information and notifications

Reduce waste and scrap

 Find bottlenecks in your production process
Find where you are wasting raw materials
Predict and prevent delays.

Increase efficiency and save money

Track and trace your production
Optimize your processes
Analyze and plan your future orders
Increase your uptime.

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The benefits

Paper-free records

Reduce waste

Identify and eliminate bottlenecks

Specific for each sector

Ready to use

Custom purchase-price

Universal integrations

Compliant with legal requirements

Know the truth about your production line

Prodsmart | real-time shopfloor management, analytics and optimization