Are you tired of using paper, spreadsheets and timers to know if your operation is productive?

Understand your production line

By having your workers collect data

Through smartphone, tablet, sensors or
barcodes, keep a record of your factory’s operations, 24h/7

Keep track of your production flow

Have visibility over production and make decisions based on real-time data. Keep track of the quality of your orders, time spent per operation, stock movements, or the availability of raw materials, to name a few

Increase efficiency and productivity

You will be able to easily identify bottlenecks, reduce paperwork and waste. Always know when your equipment is in need of assistance and minimize the downtime in your production line


The Digital shop floor Box

What comes inside The Digital Shop Floor Box?


Our box includes a 12 month subscription to Prodsmart, one tablet or one smartphone, depending on your business needs, ten IIoT buttons, one barcode or RFID scanner, a pencil, a manual about change management and some stickers to use on your shop floor.

The box also includes the access to our solution and to an online support team.

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The benefits

Paper-free records

Reduce waste

Identify and eliminate bottlenecks

Specific for each sector

Ready to use

Custom purchase-price

Universal integrations

Compliant with legal requirements


praised by

"Prodsmart is strengthening California's success both locally and in the international market."

"This groundbreaking manufacturing execution system (MES) replaces the paper-based data collection methods and renders the ultimate truth of the shop floor."

"Assists manufacturing companies across different industry segments in improving operational efficiencies by increasing on-time delivery."

Know the truth about your production line

Prodsmart | real-time shopfloor management, analytics and optimization