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Prodsmart is your factory real-time information system

Get clear and actual data about your factory’s performance, reduce waste and increase efficiency.


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Mobile Apps

Workers insert production data on a tablet or smartphone and management gets real-time data



Trace your company’s path to success and improve workers morale to achieve specific strategic goals.


Improve your factory’s production processes, reduce bureaucracy, save time and resources.


Get real-time information, get rid of paper and make your factory more efficient.

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Prodsmart gives you:

Productivity, Effectiveness, Efficiency
All the information you need to know about your factory.

In real time. With no paper. Without wasting time.


Empower factory workers to be more lean, productive and efficient.

Get in touch with us and increase your production line efficiency.



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“We had the need to control the information of all our production from different locations, as we have the factory and the office in different places. Prodsmart gives us the ideal tool to do that and we are seeing everyday great results. Definitely it has revolutionised our life!”

Ana Antunes (Duro Designers)

“The biggest advantage of Prodsmart is allowing us to have detailed information in real time. Now we are able to produce in accordance to our needs and without a big waste. This is something crucial to a business like Science4You.”

João Oliveira (Science4You)

“Prodsmart has eliminated all the paper that we used to have to control and analyse our production. Now I know in real time the production status for each order, namely, the produced quantity and the productivity for each worker is viewed in the software without going to the production lines.”

Regina Gonçalves (J3LP)

Who trusts in Prodsmart


Our system helps to manage production for products of known brands:






Do you know what your factory has produced today? We'll tell you.


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