New Features! Parameters, Real Consumptions and Lot Traceability


Was it you eagerly waiting to use products with parameters, to introduce real consumptions and to have lot traceability? Wait no more, from now on you have it all at Prodsmart!

Starting with the parameters, this feature allows you to produce different variations of the same product, using the exact same operations. Creating parameters for products will be vey useful, namely for textile companies as you can read in the article in our Help Desk:


The real consumptions will be useful for your workers to introduce real consumption quantities for each production and the lot traceability will allow you to know from what lots were the materials consumed. This will help a lot any factory in audits or certifications (like HACCP certification) or any other legal requirement, being Food & Beverages companies the most interested on this. To know more about this feature and how to use it right away, please read the article in our Help Desk:

Lot Traceability

To follow the launch of new features, just go to the Changelog in our Help Desk or even at Prodsmart software in the top bar menu, in Help/New Features.



Prodsmart joins 3 other Portuguese companies to show that Industry 4.0 is within everyone’s reach


On the 30th of January we were in Leiria, Portugal, in the Industry 4.0 – Digital Economy event, an event promoted by the Economy Ministry with the purpose of presenting the plans for Industry 4.0 initiative in Portugal.

In that event we’ve joined forces with 3 other companies and, in a unique collaboration in the country, we’ve created an advanced and instant technological solution to face the Industry 4.0 trend, mixing together each one’s value proposition.

To our production management software for the industry joined BEEVERYCREATIVE, company that develops a 3D printing technology and launched the 1st 3D Portuguese printer, Cadflow, with the modelling software CAD 3D, and Follow Inspiration, with the well-known wiiGO connected to the robotic area.

Industry 4.0 Event02

The solution had shown how the end consumer will have full control in the production process of anything in a near future. Prodsmart allowed to set up ready objects to be printed right away by one of BEEVERYCREATIVE’s 3D printers, independently of its location. One of those objects was modelled by Cadflow and delivered on the event’s stage by one of Follow Inspiration’s wiiGO robot, being all the process since the beginning until the end controlled by Prodsmart.

In the event were dozens of companies connected to the sector and also the Secretary of State for Industry, João Vasconcelos, the Economy Minister, Manuel Caldeira Cabral, and the Prime Minister, António Costa, who have had the opportunity to witness in loco this national partnership and to be its first user.

See also all photos of the event here!


Prodsmart offers you 8 months. Only until the 6th January! 🎅🎄🎁


Prodsmart’s Santa is coming to offer you a very special gift!

Until the 6th January subscribe Prodsmart for 2 years and pay just 16 months.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Call us at 📞 +351 915 605 998 📞 and know how Prodsmart can help your factory right away.

If you want to have information about the current state of production in your factory in real-time start your free trial now.


Mommy, where do pens come from?


Have you ever asked where does something come from? Like what you’ve eaten today for breakfast or the chair where you’re seated right now?

Well, I’ve always asked it since I remember. I guess my mum is still tired today of answering all my questions.

So, in spite of annoying her once again, this time I took a flight and went to Germany to check with my own eyes from where pens come from. Believe it or not, they don’t come from trees. 😊

I’ve visited the Learning Factory from Mit Uns Digital!, in Hannover, to know, finally, how I write nowadays without that feather and ink stuff – less classy but definitely more useful. Of course, even the pens industry suffered severals evolutions in the last decades and what I’ll describe next is probably Pen Creation 4.0. We really like the “Something” 4.0.

Mit Uns Digital! is part of several organizations and initiatives like Netzwerk Industrie 4.0 Nierdersachsen and Mittelstand 4.0 Kompetenzzentrum Hannover, the last one created by the Ministry of Economy in NiedersachsenSoon we’ll be giving you more news about the work we’re developing together.

1st Step – Personalisation and QR code: a few decades ago you probably needed another pen to write in a pen. But now you only need a screen, a keyboard and a mouse and you can write and delete anything you want and even customize all the colours. This was our way to celebrate the fact that we won Euro 2016. Portugal doesn’t produce pens like this yet but we give birth to european champions.😁⚽️🏆

Customised pen

2nd Step – The cradle and registering the job: after the configuration process, comes the “cookie sheet”. 🍪😁🍪 It will not go to the oven but it will validate if you have all the pieces to create the pen you’ve always dreamed about.


Pen cradle

3rd Step – Cutting: it has never been so addictive to watch over and over again something being cut like this beautiful pen!

4th Step – Choosing the components: you can choose EVERYTHING, even the spring! No machines here but your fingers do the job too.

Choosing the components

Choosing the components

5th Step – Personalised laser engraving: sorry for the not so sexy blurred video below but I promise you this is amazing. After all you’re leaving your mark in the world (even if it’s a pen)!

6th Step – Quality control robot: they even have their own robot to guarantee that your pen is just perfect!

7th Step – The finished pen: just a pen for some people, THE pen for you. Remember, it’s unique in this world and more than 27 million pens are made everyday. You must be proud.

Euro Champions!

The Main Step – The team: you can possess dozens of robots and machines but these guys have the skill and the good taste to create beautiful pens. Regarding beauty evaluation, humans are still better.

The team

Thank you Mit Uns Digital!, namely Karl Doreth and Michael Rehe, Marian Koller (Netzwerk Industrie 4.0) and Thorsten Schwanert (Ministry of Economy in Niedersachsen) for having received me. We hope to collaborate with you in several ways in the future. 👏✌️


Prodsmart on DW (German TV Channel)


Last June we have received in our own offices the TV channel DW, one of the biggest in Germany. They were covering how Portugal is recovering from the crisis and Prodsmart was one of their examples for new tech and innovative companies that are increasingly showing up in the country.

Watch also how Science4You, one of the biggest toys producers in Europe, is using Prodsmart to improve and automate their production processes! And if you want to take a try, sign up right now for a free trial here:


Web 2.0 + Industry 4.0 = People 6.0


Originally published on Dinheiro Vivo

We do believe that, in a world that is becoming more and more digital, the most important element in technology is the people.

Psst! You there! Yes, you. Not the company which you work for. You. I’m talking to you. You, who use Google to help you in your daily decisions. You, who go to Facebook and find ads about what you have just searched. You, who have a smartphone in your pocket, you are used to good user interfaces and modern ways of consuming software, suited to the present day. You, who are able to test products before you buy them, making sure that they work for you. You, who can buy those products independently after the trial and then proceed to use them within the company, without the burdensome bureaucracy and the long decision processes. It’s you I’m talking to. It’s you we are talking to.

That is what we do every day at Prodsmart: we talk to people. We do believe that in a world that is becoming more and more digital the most important element in technology is the people. Our daily work is for them and to them. Web 2.0 is social. So is Prodsmart. Perhaps that’s because we assume ourselves as the factory’s heartbeat. These references to the heart make us corny.

This is reflected in the way we approach and engage with our current and future users. The B2B salesman is dead in the 21st century. If the user experience and the way we buy (or rent) software has changed in our personal lives, there is no reason for us to be clinging to 40-year old paradigms at the workplace. We speak directly to the people within the organization and we empower them. We provide them the ability to make quick decisions, short and autonomous software-implementation processes, with a quote and service level adjusted to their needs and level of usage. But Prodsmart’s relationship with people doesn’t stop here: we are a layer of virtual automation which transforms any production line into a smart digital factory, bringing the people, the processes and the machines together, converting the operators into knowledge workers and aiding the managers to take informed decisions.

We feel that the concept of Industry 4.0 is deeply broken by leaving the people behind. It is too focused on machines and data and less focused on information, processes and people.

However, the majority of the manufacturing landscape is comprised of very small businesses, which do not have access to the level of sophistication that’s being discussed. The role of the people is extremely important in manufacturing SMEs.

Last but not least, we take this deciding ability to the final buyer: the person who is going to wear those stylish shoes, who is going to gluttonously eat that ice-cream which causes brain freeze or that person who is going to take a nap in their Italian-designed chaise longue. All this is production. By connecting entire sypply chain ecosystems which reach the final buyer, Prodsmart gives the latter the ability to choose exactly the color and shape that they want for their shoes and to trigger whole production process, until the final product knocks at his door. If you end up with the wrong shoe size, you can always repeat the process and now order insoles, with these being also adjusted to your size. Web 2.0 is social. So is Prodsmart. Let’s socialize, shall we?

Photo by: Miguel Pereira / Global Imagens


Prodsmart at Hannover Messe 2016


Between the 25th and the 29th of April, Prodsmart was present at Hannover Messe, in Germany, the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology.

With many companies following the Industry 4.0 trend, the exhibitors have presented several products and technologies that will contribute for the intelligent factory and the future of the manufacturing industry. This year there were more than 5,200 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors.

This edition received also the visit of USA’s President Barack Obama and Germany’s Chanceler Angela Merkel. And we have a selfie with them to prove it! 🙂




Prodsmart is part of the work group about Industry 4.0


Prodsmart was invited to be part of the work group about Industry 4.0, an initiative created by the Portuguese government. We’re part of the group for the car and mold sector, alongside with companies like Critical Manufacturing, Iberomoldes, PSA Peugeot-Citroen, Volkswagen or Autoeuropa.

The main goal of these think tanks are to propose several measures to technology optimize the national industry. All the group works will be accompanied by Deloitte.

With this initiative Prodsmart is working together with the main players in Portugal and we hope to give our contribution for Portuguese Industry 4.0!


Prodsmart awarded by Exame Informática in the “Best of Tech Portugal” Awards


Exame Informática, one of the main tech publications in Portugal, awarded Prodsmart as one of the companies that had some impact in the country and in the world.
Prodsmart was nominated in the Environmental Sustainability category and was one of the winners together with Magnum Cap and Vodafone.
Thank you for the prize and we hope to win again very soon! Check out all the companies and people awarded here (only in Portuguese).


Prodsmart at HANNOVER MESSE 2016


From April 25 to April 29 2016, Prodsmart will debut itself as exhibitor at HANNOVER MESSE, the biggest fair in the world!

Where more than 100 specific apps for Industry 4.0 will be presented in full action and an event that will have President Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel in its opening ceremony.

The goals that we have set for this enormous fair are to show our product, to create synergies and, of course, to take a selfie with President Obama!

We will be in Hall 3, Stand E11 waiting for you.


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