PRODSMART provides a complete data-collection, analytics, management and optimization system for manufacturing assembly lines and job shops

PRODSMART provides a complete data-collection, analytics, management and optimization system for manufacturing assembly lines and job shops


Shopfloor Real-Time Data-Collection

Ongoing, highly customizable, real-time data collection. Our platform adapts to the way your shopfloor operates and collects as much information as you want.

Touch devices (smartphones & tablets)

The platform collects data from workers mostly by using touch devices with a beautiful, easy-to-use, intuitive, fast and reliable user interface.

Real-time Global OEE Dashboard

You can know in real-time the global state of your shop-floor operation. As the data from the shop-floor is fed into the platform the Global OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), an indicator of how well your operation is running, updates in real-time.

Production Reports

Get reports about any elements of your operations: by Worker and Groups of Workers, by Section, by Product and Groups of Products, by Operation, by Machine. Get aggregated reports and cross-reference data from multiple sources.

Production Analysis

With a quite complete module to help you analyze all the aspects of your operations, it is possible to know precisely what the products with monetary gains and monetary losses are, as well as time and materials. You can analyze Output, Waste, Time spent, OEE and any custom parameter by Period, by Machine, by Worker, by Product, by Section or by Operation.

Scheduling & Planning Tools

Control who does what, when, where and how. Plan your production so that you always meet your production targets, balance the company workload and keep up with execution.


Manage all the Products and Product Families that your shopfloor produces.


Define an ideal time for your operation, a list of machines that will be used, raw material consumption and make sure your shopfloor is performing on time, has all it needs to produce.

Bill of Materials (BOM) & Product Tree

Add Bill of Materials (BOM) and Product Trees to your products, so that you keep track the operations it is associated too and the raw materials that are consumed.


Manage the “who” of your shopfloor. Assign workers to production, track their performance and analyse historical data individually.


Set your workers so that you can analyze productivity even if several people work in the same operation simultaneously.

Skill Management

Keep track of who has the skills to perform which operations.


Control parameters and identify Machine stoppages within the production line. That way you will be able to follow, in real-time, the current status and the availability of your machines in order to take action more quickly when necessary.

Machine Components

If you have to change a part of your machine to produce a different product or perform a different operation you can set it so and then manage and analyze production taking machine components into account.

Stock Management

Manage raw materials availability as well as finished product in your warehouse. Know if you have enough to produce what is necessary, predict when you will need more raw material and manage space in your warehouse for finished product.

Stock Consumption

Automatically track consumption of raw materials is the products BOM every time a product is made.

Lot Traceability

Track which batch of raw material was used in what batch of finished product.

Cost Management

Add your workers cost per hour and Prodsmart tells you how much a product cost was affected by workers productivity.

Stoppages & Downtimes

Manage different types of production stoppages related to workers, products, machines and machine components.

Work In Progress Inventory

Know what raw materials, intermediate products and finished product you have and where they are on the shop floor.

Quality Control

Manage if the waste in a specific product is normal or spiking and know why. Make sure your products comply with quality checklists and parameters.

Quality Checklists

Create Quality Checklists to check quality parameters after the product is made.


Register all the product wasted in production so that you can identify the source of the flaw, reduce it or recover it.

Custom Parameters

Create any custom parameter that you want to record that data from your production process.

Order Tracking

Track your clients orders, expeditions and manage your production taking your clients needs into account.

Real-time Notifications & Alerts

Setup notifications for specific activities and alerts to warn you when something is off.

Periodic Reports

Get regular reports about your shop floor to make sure you are operating properly and improving your operational activity.

User Historic Activity

Know who’s done what on the platform. Who has created and updated products, sent production orders and all the activity a manager can do.

Punch Clock

It’s the old and good punch clock. Except this one is connected to the rest of the metrics in your platform so that you can analyze the time people spend at work and their productivity. For both shopfloor workers and everyone else.

Shift Schedule

Manage different shifts in your factory and adapt your shopfloor activity, management and data according to that.

Unlimited User Accounts

Create accounts for your co-workers and give them access to the platform so that you’re making decisions based on the same shopfloor data.

Production Orders

Track the work that is being done on the shop floor in real-time.


Filter data in reports by worker, machine, section, team, etc.

Remote Onboarding

We are experts in setting up your shopfloor operations remotely so that you can start using the software as soon as possible.


The platform can also be used if you are prototyping products to keep your Bill of Materials up to date and improve the time that a product takes from the prototyping stage to the mass production stage.

Excel Import

Easily import spreadsheets with lists of products and other information into the platform to make your setup time shorter and easier.

Excel Export

Export data from the platform to a spreadsheet if you really need to.


Keep up with the current state of machines. Know which ones are down and need maintenance and which ones will eventually need maintenance too.


Control the batches of finished product that are ready to send to your clients and the ones you already sent.

Files & Visualization

Add files with schematics, product specifications to your products so that your workers know exactly what to do.


Prodsmart works with any system. We are always able to develop custom integrations for your current system through our API - contact us for more information