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Industry 4.0 & IIoT

Industry 4.0 is the technological movement that represents the next phase of change which manufacturing industries will undergo, resulting in the 100% digitisation of production systems, by digitally connecting machines, people and processes.

One of the main goals of Prodsmart is to catalyze Industry 4.0 through the mass adoption of the systems facilitating the change.

We identify key individuals in the manufacturing process and build around them the technology needed to permit quick decision making, giving them access to short and autonomous software-implementation processes, with a quote and service level adjusted to their needs and level of usage. But Prodsmart goes even further. We add a layer of virtual automation which modifies any production process, creating a smart digital factory. In so doing people, processes and machines become fully integrated, transforming operators into knowledge workers and supporting managers taking informed decisions.

Our professional opinion is that the very idea of Industry 4.0 is badly flawed: it leaves out the human element. There’s too much emphasis on machines and data and not enough on information, processes and people.

However, manufacturing is characterised by SMEs where the role of people is extremely important. These businesses generally cannot access these complex systems.

We do believe that in a world that is becoming more and more digital the most important element in technology is the people and this is reflected in the way we approach and engage with our current and future users.