Customers from Metallurgy & Metalworks SECTOR already using Prodsmart



Metalorigor employs a large workforce which was required to handle large volumes of paper to manage production. With Prodsmart they managed to ditch their existing paper-based system, replacing it with a much more effective real time production application.


This company, which counts amongst its customers a number of famous french fashion houses. To operate effectively J3LP must manufacture a wide variety of goods where quality is paramount and manufacture has to linked to the latest fashion trends. To do so, J3LP uses Prodsmart to manage the inherent complexity that characterises their production process.



Shop Floor Management

Always know the status of your production orders.

Real-time Dashboard

Realize you have a problem immediately and fix it. And not in two months when you see that you had a problem two months ago.

Planning & Scheduling

Schedule and set work for everyone without complications.

Universal Access

Access the software in a secure way from any web-enabled device.

Product Traceability

Know all your product’s operations from start to finish and have all the information about every worker and machine involved in the process.

Inventory Management

Control the quantities of finished product in you warehouse as soon as the product is finished.

Production Flow

Know all the production stages of your product and its status.

Custom Reports

Cross all the information available in the system and group it as you please: by product, worker, machine, operation, …cross-check everything.

Real-time alerts

Get notified everytime that an anomaly occurs in your productive process.

Get in touch with us and increase your production line efficiency.


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