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Prodsmart was founded by Gonçalo Fortes and Samuel Martins in 2013. When Gonçalo was a young boy he gave his father a hand at the family factory. Straightaway, Gonçalo identified a host of costly inefficiencies in the production process. Years later Gonçalo, started a software house with Samuel Martins. Eventually they created Prodsmart.

Prodsmart collects real-time factory data and uses it to provide clear and accurate information on your factory’s performance, facilitating, amongst other thing, the systematic reduction of waste and ia corresponding increase in efficiency.

Prodsmart is a complete analytics, management and optimization system for manufacturing assembly lines and job shops.

Prodsmart removes paper from your productive process and replaces it with tablets and sensors. Every piece of production information is accessible 24/7. In real time.

Our mission is to inspire and empower factory workers to be more lean, productive and efficient.

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