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Technical Specifications for Tablets

Minimum requirements


Android 4.4.2 – 1GB RAM; Dual core 1.4GHz; 8 inches.

Recommended specifications

iPad Mini or superior

Android 4.4.2 – 1GB RAM; Quad core 1.4GHz; 8 inches or superior


Prodsmart security works from ‘end-to- end’, with elements such as:

  • Widespread training for every employee
  • Frequent internal audits
  • Regular application security testing
  • Automatic updating of servers

Our infrastructure is governed by the Google security model. Are are some of the key points of that system:

  • ISO 27001, SSAE-16, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 certifications
  • Security dedicated team (with more than 500 people)
  • Layer security model on physical access to datacenters
  • Linux based server and software security with permanent updates
  • Data access are always subject to authentication and always recorded
  • Data elimination is subject to a digital destruction process which is verified by two posterior inspections


Data Governance and Privacy

We comply with the European Union data privacy laws and regulations such as Data Processing Rules and Data Confidentiality Requirements.


We offer a Web Rest API. This allows the simple integration of inputs and outputs from our application.

Check out the Integrations page for more information.


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Please update your browser using one of modern browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE 10).


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