About Prodsmart

In short, Prodsmart offers real-time analytics for production lines and job shops. We turn plain factories into a digital smart factories. Prodsmart is a cloud manufacturing system collecting information via mobile digital devices directly from the work face, rendering supply chains paperless.

One important consequence of having real-time analytics is that it allows you to quickly identify waste. This is turn facilitates plans to address inefficiencies as soon as they arise.

All manufacturing sectors (plastics, automotive, metalworks, food & beverage, etc).

– Serial or mass production (assembly lines) and unit production (job shops).

– High mix, low volume and customisation.

– Discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing.


Yes. We support planning.

Yes. We support order management and stocks. We support Bill of Materials (BOM) and Work In Process (WIP) inventory.


Prodsmart isn’t an ERP (invoicing, accountancy, HR, etc). But we do integrate with every major ERP (SAP, Sage, Oracle, etc). More information is available at https://prodsmart.com/en/integrations/.

Yes. We manage machine downtimes and machine integration. You’ll find an API for this, just contact us for more information.

No. We are a cloud solution. We do not do on-premise installations.

Most implementation takes up to two weeks and we consider that one of our main competitive advantages. These two weeks include the set up of the account, training and importing main data onto Prodsmart account.

Implementation is generally extended if a custom integration is needed.

We support any kind of mobile device and OS.
Our customers have been having good results with iPad mini, Amazon Kindle fire and Samsung Galaxy tab 4, amongst other Android devices.

Prodsmart supports barcode scanners, as well as RFID or other peripherals for data collection.

Although Prodsmart can work with any brand/model of barcode scanners with bluetooth and Android compatibility, we’ve been experiencing good results with Motorola LI4278 (Especially in clean environments, when no ruggedness is needed) and Datalogic QBT2131 (For a more robust choice, with very accurate reading).


There are two type of users on Prodsmart:

Managers – Someone with high-level edit access to information, who can make critical changes in the system.

Workers – Someone on the shop floor, with access to collect information.

Our plans and prices are defined by the access to features. Every tier includes 3 managers and unlimited workers. You can have unlimited manager seats if you are in the Total Control plan.

Check our pricing plans here

Our pricing structure is very simple and depends on the number of managers you need and the plan that you choose, according to the features that you are interested in. Pricing starts off at $899 per 3 manager seats in the Scheduling & Material Requirements plan. You can access our pricing table here.

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