Built with Data Security in Mind

Information security and confidentiality are a cornerstone of Prodsmart and one of top priorities for our team, who keep up with the highest standards and best practices.


Track and analyze all aspects of your operations - orders, workers, materials, machines, maintenance, waste, time, costs - in real time.

Analyze any custom parameters, including by:

for Connected Manufacturing

Cost-effective solution with all the features you need, and none of what you don’t need.

Mobile app keeps you connected even when you are off-site.

Stay connected to workers and colleagues in real-time through the app with Team Chat.

Setup notifications for specific activities to alert you in real-time when something is off.

Respond quickly to real-time alerts when machines are down or require maintenance.

Effective & MRP

From orders to raw materials, to workers and machines they'll be working on, plan and schedule effectively your operations to meet production targets. Leverage the real-time and historical data you need about each order per worker and per machine.

Plan effectively to meet production targets.

Balance workload and keep up with execution.