Forget the paper, find out the advantages of having your reports online

Online reports are one of the first things our potential clients ask us when they come to meet us. Every company wants them, and we understand why.

By developing your reports online as opposed to print, you’ll have more options and more flexibility. This can be a useful tool for general managers, quality managers, marketing team, HR team… pretty much everyone.

Easy to customize
Online reporting allows you to show display precisely the data that interests you most appealingly. And you can change it in a matter of minutes, to present the report to another audience, customizing which information you want to show and how you want to prove it. You can enter into more details if you need.

Easy to share
If you have a digital report, you can quickly send it by e-mail. They are also accessible everywhere since you can see them on a mobile device.

Easy to update
If you need to update the information or need to add some data, you can. And it’s much more comfortable than with a traditional printed report. If you have real-time connectivity with your shop floor.

With Prodsmart you can have real-time reports and analytics with the most updated information. Want to check how simple it is? Read the articles on our Help Center on how to generate a Production Report, or a Production Order Report and How to interpret a Report.

If you want to give a try to our solution and generate a report with all the information you need in minutes, sign up now.