How can stakeholders at your company benefit from real-time manufacturing KPI analysis?

Manufacturing planning and execution involve several stakeholders, each responsible for their own departments’ specialized concerns. It is essential that this manufacturing process, from procurement planning to deliverance of finished goods, is being constantly monitored and its progress shared amongst these stakeholders. It especially benefits the company when this information is being shared in real-time amongst those involved in the planning and execution process. This real-time information sharing allows for a streamlined & smoothly executed manufacturing process.

Some of the stakeholders involved in the manufacturing process can be CEOs/owners, Quality Managers, Production Directors, Logistics Directors, General & Operation Managers as well as those involved in Finance and Shop Floor leaderships. Each of the stakeholders keeps an eye on his or her Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) reflecting different measures. Prodsmart’s real-time manufacturing process management allows your stakeholders to measure, manage and share your most important KPIs amongst themselves.

For instance, your Production/Shop Floor Manager may be concerned with optimizing the manufacturing process by learning about the efficiency of the operations. The manager may measure the timeliness of the production schedule or the time the operations take for completion. Therefore, this manager’s main KPIs would be the performance of workers & machines, availability of such resources as well as OEE tracking. Prodsmart enables the shop floor managers to track this efficiency right from their desk or mobile devices as they move across the shop floor.

On the other hand, your Quality Assurance manager needs to be able to access and generate different kinds of production reports in less than a few minutes. This manager will need the ability to report on production yields including scraps or reworked goods. While the Planner/Scheduler may benefit from analyzing production capacity reports to manage the workers that are coming into the shop daily and see the impact this scheduling has at the production line. At the same time, your IT or Maintenance Manager will be concerned with scheduled and planned machine downtimes.

Therefore, it is crucial that the stakeholders involved in the manufacturing process have the ability and means to share, update and manage the progress of production amongst each other or other concerned internal parties.

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