How to collect data from your shop floor into Prodsmart?

The only way to enhance your production efficiency, reducing waste and increasing profits, is by taking control of your shop floor production. How can one do that?
By collecting real-time and accurate data, which will give you full insight and visibility into what is happening at any given moment, you are able to take charge of your production process and optimize your operations as a whole.

Before implementing a production management software and, specifically, a system for shop floor data collection, it is important to understand the benefits of these tools and the universe of possibilities in regards to data collection and automation.

Paper is not enough anymore, but how can you implement and enhance data collection from your shop floor?

First, you need to deeply know and understand your processes mapped as they are and identify how you currently collect information. If you need help gathering this data, contact our team of experts.

From paper to digital

Whether you are currently collecting information on paper, on a spreadsheet or in any other manual way, the easiest and most efficient way to start a digitization process is to reproduce that same system as-it-is, but in digital support instead of paper.
Choose a flexible and highly adaptable system, that is able to adapt itself to your process, instead of trying to change your manufacturing process to fit the software.

How to collect data?

From mobile devices to full automation, there is a wide array of different methods for data collection for your shop floor and real-time input of information into your Manufacturing Software.

Let’s dig deeper into some of the peripherals that are currently available to work with your Prodsmart:

Mobile devices
Tablets or Smartphones are currently everywhere. Chances are that everyone of your employees has one. Depending on your type of business, our team can advise you on how many devices you will need and which are the pre-requisites that you should look for.
You can download our app to any mobile device and log in with a back office or employee login and immediately start collecting information.

Barcode Scanners & RFID tags
By using a barcode or RFID scan, you can easily collect a large amount of complex information. Your Prodsmart can be parameterized to collect and count information considering the integration of this kind of peripherals.

Bluetooth counters
For highly repetitive tasks, Bluetooth counters are a great option that can replace the need for a mobile device at each work station.
Full automation is probably one of the most common dreams of manufacturing companies, highly announced by the concept of Industry 4.0. The reality is that automation is not accessible or suitable to every manufacturing company and sometimes it is smarter to “keep it simple” with other methods of data collection.

Our team is always looking for new and improved ways to enhance our data collection, so if you have any trend that you would like to see, let us know!