How to know the OEE of everything

Now that you know what OEE is and what it means, we’re going to show you how you can, with the help of our system, know your factory’s global OEE as well as the OEE of a specific production line, the OEE of a team of workers, of an individual worker, a machine, a product… the OEE of everything.

As we’ve told you before, with our system you can know your factory’s OEE as well as all the metrics that are used to calculate it in real-time. Even if you don’t use our system to know it, OEE should be a metric to watch so you can know in a snapshot how your operations are being executed. If you try to know the reasons behind a change in performance when it happens, and if you do so regularly, you will never have problems with your operations.

What we want to tell you is very simple: OEE is not just a high-level metric that gives you a global vision.

It is also a metric that allows you to understand how more particular aspects of your operations are being executed.

Imagine that you find yourself on a trip away from your factory and you notice that the value for the global OEE suddenly drops 9%. You verify that Productivity, Availability and Quality drop a little bit each and you don’t seem to understand what is going on.


If you get to the end of the day and you still don’t understand what is causing the Productivity drop, you can now use Prodsmart as a tool for operational research and find out the root of the problem.

Look for, through our system, the product with less Productivity in that day. Next, you should verify the operation with less Productivity. Does the operation belong to the product with less Productivity? Verify the people that worked in that operation and in that product.

With just a few clicks in our application you can know exactly the source and the reason of the Productivity drop. In this example it is likely that something went wrong with one of the machines associated to the operation that caused a stop in the entire production line for a specific product.

With the easy identification and characterization of the problem you can solve it faster, even immediately, from the moment that the system tells you, through SMS and e-mail alerts about a certain event, the Productivity drop in this example, until the moment that you can identify the reason for the stop in the production line.

This is extremely useful, specially in companies with bigger dimension, in a scenario with a lot of workers, multi-plant, multi-location, having alert messages and all the necessary information to identify the problem before you talk to someone in the production line.

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