How to Maximize your digital investment

OOur friends at the World Economic Forum delivered in May 2018 an excellent report on How to Maximize your Digital Investment. 27 pages that sum up the lessons from their Digital Transformation Initiative.

It’s no news that going digital means financial investment, so let’s see how can your company make the most of it by looking at the five key enables which can maximize your digital investment:

Agile and digital-savvy leadership
Try to maintain a “strategic vision, purpose, skills, intent and alignment across management levels.” It’s important that you lead through example, by encouraging everyone to make informed and fast decisions, to try new technologies ou suggest new ideas.

Forward-looking skills agenda
When hiring or training your employees, keep in mind that you need them to get or improve digital skills. Infuse “a digital

Ecosystem thinking
It’s important to have everyone from your value chain on the same page: Suppliers, distributors, customers, partners. Try to have everyone collaborating and cooperating.

Technology infrastructure readiness:
Grant that you have the required technological infrastructure to support your other investments, whether it’s cloud solutions or cybersecurity.

Data access and management:
Strong data infrastructure and warehouse capability can leverage your competitiveness. Especially when “combined with the right analytics and communication tools,” as stated by WEF.

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Read the full report here.