How to optimize Quality in your Manufacturing Business

Optimizing the Quality Management in your Manufacturing business is as important as implementing a Quality Management System. There are some strategies that can help you and we will focus on two in this blog post: Adopting a Quality Mindset and Implementing a Quality Management Software.

New technologies are having a huge impact on manufacturing business, hence the renowned concept of Industry 4.0. How manufacturers adapt and adjust to technological challenges will be what defines their long-term success and competitiveness.

Manufacturing costs and complexity may change but it is very important to ensure product quality. In the new and connected factory, the legacy quality control department who supports the shop floor teams might not be as efficient and sufficient as it used to be.

To meet customers’ demands, it is necessary to think of Quality Management in a wide array of perspectives, from Quality of product design and engineering to Quality Management, extending the Quality role, needs, and concerns throughout the entire company.

A connected factory which is using manufacturing software such as Prodsmart has access to large amounts of real-time data from the shop floor. This information enables the improvement of Product Quality and also adjustments to every production process.

There are a few simple ways to optimize Quality in your Manufacturing Process, which we will be exploring now:


A Quality Mindset

 A Quality Mindset is one of the most important steps a company can give, to optimize its Quality Management System. This mindset needs to be part of the organizational culture and reflected on all the processes implemented both in the back office and on the shop floor.
Avoiding defects prior to production, achieving product quality, enabling product recalls, and reducing warranty claims and costs are some of the possible benefits from digitally and efficiently managing a QMS.


Implement a Software to Manage Quality

Manufacturing Softwares such as Prodsmart are an easy way to keep Quality information and records updated and organized. It can also help to create analysis and report regarding defects or wastes and take the necessary measures to efficiently manage the process. The fact that this information is collected and analyzed in real-time contributes to a faster response, optimizing quality monitoring.


If you think it is time to optimize your Quality Management System and understand what Prodsmart can do for your Manufacturing Company, schedule a demo to learn more!