How to Write Standardized Work Instructions

Standardized work instructions (SWI) are designed to ensure that processes are completed in a safe and timely manner. Your step-by-step guide must be accessible to all employees who need to view them. This also includes team leaders because if a situation arises where the task completion time is compromised, they will be able to view the standardized instructions and potentially find a solution to the problem.

If you want to know how to write a concise set of standardized work instructions for your colleagues, then keep reading.

1. Keep it Simple

Instructions should be written in a way so that they are understood. Aim to keep the language simple and if you can say something in fewer words, do so. However, if jargon and acronyms are necessary, then be sure to explain exactly what is meant by these terms.

2. Keep it Visual

People tend to remember visual images much more easily than elaborate language. So aim to include at least a few images to convey your instructions well. If for instance, you are writing a set of instructions for production tracking or production management, you could include lots of visual images so those in charge of these tasks have a detailed set of instructions to go by.

3. Check Credibility

If you’ve gone to the effort of designing a set of instructions, you want to make sure that your colleagues find them helpful. So, check with your most experienced employees first to see what they think. Any feedback from them will be useful, and if a few amendments need to be made, then you can do that before creating the finalized draft.

4. Stay Consistent

Work instructions should follow a particular style. It doesn’t really matter what that style is, so long as the layout, language, and images are consistent for all sets of instructions.

5. Location

In an age of smart manufacturing, it makes sense to digitize your instructions. So, why not write your instructions and store them on our software, where they are easily accessible to all workers! Then your standardized work instructions will only be a few clicks away.

A clear set of work instructions gives employees an easy-to-understand detailed guide of what their job fully entails. This should give both you and them peace of mind because they will have a guide to refer back to which should help to increase efficiency while reducing accidents in the workplace.

If you’re not quite sure how to get started, why not try our work instructions feature! Just sign up and our help center will show you how to navigate your way around it. Prodsmart take your work instructions to the shop floor, so they are accessible to everyone.