Identify your products by colors and keep your production organized

While configuring a Product in your Prodsmart, besides attributing it a name, code, and other characteristics, you can now also associate it with colors for an easy visual identification from your team!

This color will be shown in the headersheet of every Production Order that includes that Product and also in the Production Orders buttons that your team will be able to select on their tablets or smartphones.

Why should you add colors to your products?

There are a lot of advantages to marking each product with a different color.

Adding a color to each product will allow you to:
– Grab the attention of your team to a specific product with a very well-defined and special characteristic – Imagine the situation when one of your products is using a very rare and expensive raw material;
– Organize the products by their family, which will make it much easier for your team to select different products from the same family or type. This can be especially useful if you are dealing with Multi Production Orders or with Batch Orders, for example;
– Use a color code to identify urgency or priority of orders;
– Assign a product its actual color – If you are manufacturing blue shirts, you can make the button blue!
– Depending on your planning, this color code can also be helpful to prevent your workers from forgetting a product or production order;
– In case you implement a color organization of your products, it can save you time on setting up machines.

How can you add colors to your products

Adding colors to your products is a very simple and intuitive process. You can check out the step-by-step guide on our blog.

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