Improve your Inventory Movements by Using Barcodes

One of manufacturing’s best practices is investing in an effective inventory management system that is readily accessible by all concerning departments.

Whether your factory manages one or multiple warehouses, Prodsmart’s Inventory Management feature enables you to obtain, store and analyze in real time your company’s assets from raw materials to finished goods.

Prodsmart’s Inventory Movements feature allows for stock tracking using barcode readers, effectively reducing the need for lengthy and erroneous data entry.

By using our Inventory Management feature, your company will benefit from:

  • Efficient inventory tracking;
  • Avoiding errors in sales documents;
  • Ensuring adequate stock and adjustments;
  • Saving time and fulfill orders on time.


How does the Barcode Reader works?

  1. On your Mobile Device, you need to click Shipping and Receiving

    Register Inventory movements with Barcode Scanner on your Manufacturing Software

  2. Insert your worker ID
  3. Select the Product that you will be Shipping or Receiving
  4. Insert the Quantity and select the movement you are registering, by clicking in “Received” or “Sent”

    5. If you are using Lots or Warehouses, you will need to enter that information in the next steps, before confirming the operation.


Pro Tip:
If you want to print a label (with barcodes) after registering shipped or received goods, please ask us to enable this feature.


Relying on barcodes to help you during this process makes it even more fluid and beneficial for your company since workers will be able to save more time while you will be able to reduce the chances of mistakes due to human error.


Using a good Manufacturing Software is one of our Tips for Successful Inventory Management, which you can check on this blog post. To understand how Prodsmart supports barcode scanners, read this article.


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