Easily connect, configure and integrate your shop floor with any application like Quickbooks, Salesforce, Zapier and more.

Compatible with your shop floor machines and with 500+ systems

Our flexible solution allows you to connect your shop floor with machines or 500+ systems, such as:









Google Chrome



And More...

Data Collection where and when you need it

Advanced features for advanced setups

Cost-effective solution with all the features you need, and none of what you don’t need.

Simplify compliance, taxes, and communications with your accountant.

Intuitive & Integrated environment for managing key workflows.

Advanced inventory tracking & management.

Advanced pricing features.

Advanced, tailored reports presented in custom visualizations.

Prodsmart integrates seamlessly with your current system for smart data usage

100% compatible with QuickBooks Online and Desktop solutions and many more!

Export data to QuickBooks on inventory, parts, quantities, customers, and vendors

Configuration Wizard

Adaptable to your Production Processes

With QuickBooks and 500+ more systems integration, the entire manufacturing operation can be defined, measured, analyzed, and improved continuously.

Connect financial and production data sources to get all the data you need for more agile, efficient operations.

General Ledger

Customizable to the production processes of your shop floor