Is managing your KPIs a challenge for your company? Join us next monday on our webinar!

Our team will be hosting his first Product Demo webinar next monday, September 30th, 9Am PST.

Filipe Pereira, our Sales Director, will be conducting an interesting discussion about the state-of-the art of Manufacturing Execution Systems and Key Performance Indicators. These are some of the topics which will be approached on the session:
How can an MES help you to monitor your KPIs?

  • Which KPIs should your company be measuring?
  • Why is an MES a useful tool to help you improve your KPIs?
  • The importance of real-time information to KPIs management


If managing KPIs is a challenge for your company, join us next monday september 30th, 9am PST, and learn how Prodsmart can help you.