ISO 9000

What is ISO 9000?

ISO 9000 is one of the quality management systems which was implemented to assist organizations in serving their customers adequately without compromising the quality of delivery. The aim is to ensure that both customers and stakeholders are satisfied with the results.

ISO 9000 is hinged on the tenets of quality management systems and this encompasses 7 known management principles.


Principles of ISO 9000

The quality management principles (QMP) which inspired ISO 9000 are;
1. QMP 1- Customer focus
2. QMP 2- Leadership
3. QMP 3- Engagement of people
4. QMP 4- Process approach
5. QMP 5- Improvement
6. QMP 6- Evidence-based decision making
7. QMP 7- Relationship management

How Effective is ISO 9000?

In order to answer questions which pertain to the impact of ISO 9000, we might need to address some inherent factors.

How Committed are the Senior Members?

If the senior members demonstrate commitment towards the steady monitoring, control, and enhancement of the system, only then can such an organization enjoy the benefits of implementing an ISO system. Commitment should be at the core of the implementation, rather than seeking cheaper and easy ways to beat the system.

Does the ISO System Integrate Properly into Your Organization’s Practice?

It is important to carry out background checks and ascertain that the system is in line with your mode of operation as opposed to trying to make your business fit the regulations at all cost.

Is the Customer Experience Improved?

Quality is defined by the customer and if they judge your product to be standard, then the ISO 900 system is yielding results for you. If they don’t, you might have to reconsider.

Is the Audit Yielding Results?

ISO Audits should have feedbacks and areas which you can improve upon. Reports shouldn’t just be submitted for the sake of submission, check and enforce the suggestions proposed.

Benefits of ISO 9000

1. The ISO 9000 gives organizations an idea of the challenges ahead and helps them to institute a pro-active approach.
2. Customer satisfaction is enhanced since the needs of the clients are put first.
3. Businesses are able to work more efficiently and productivity is assured.
4. Organizations have no trouble adhering to standards and regulations.

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