This week, our team spent the last two days gathered in Prodsmart’s annual event, MAKE2020. Diving into meetings and team building activities, this event was the moment to review what has happened this past year and to prepare, plan and align for the upcoming year.


Why MAKE2020?

At Prodsmart, we are the makers – we make things happen. Our clients (literally) make things, from cakes to screws and they count on us to make their jobs and lives easier, by keeping all the relevant information just a few of clicks and minutes away from any mobile device or computer.


How was our last year and where are we heading to?

We had a 200% growth in our monthly revenue. We now have 80+ customers across  16 countries and 4,000 daily users. Our product is growing, both in features and in robustness. Our company is growing and we will keep on working to provide an even more knowledgeable and resourceful team of experts, able to face and surpass our customers’ daily challenges. We will reinforce our marketing strategy and we will keep on doing what we do best: continue to build and make things happen.

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